1958/60 Photos from R. Peter Bloor

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    R. Peter Bloor wrote
    "...I attended SCTS from 1953 to July 1960. Attached are some photographs which I took ...showing the new buildings rising from the ground. Also a couple of pictures of classmates taken in Burslem Park in 1959 or 1960.

    Like many other ex pupils I went into teacher training and returned to the city to teach technical subjects for all my working life. Intially called Handicrafts, and then Technology, then Craft, Design & Technology and latterly Design & Technology this area of education has changed greatly over the years. The depth of fine craftsman's skills taught by messrs Taylor & George in the 1950's have alas gone - we now have greater breadth and less depth in the subject. Dare I say the phrase "Jack of all trades - master of none" comes to mind!"

    L to R. Mike Myatt, Malcolm Savage and Peter Wain
    L to R. Tony Trueman, Me (R. Peter Bloor) & Jeff Tunnicliff
    (This third one escapes me but he is also shown on the 1957 Panorama at R5 43)

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