1954 (or as late as 1957) Stanfield County Technical School Class Photo

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This photo was provided by Tony Chidlow

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1954 or 1957 Class Stanfield County Technical  School

Back row L-R (all standing) Tom Bamford (half hidden); Norman Parr; Donald Baskeyfield; Alan Whitby; David(?) Moxon; Michael Lockett; David Pennington; Terry Chell; David Moore; Eric Morton; Brian Bennett; John Marrow; Michael Steele; Brian Adams; Tony Harrison; Donald Peacock; Ronald(?) Meacham
Middle row L-R (all sitting) Neil Peacock; Austin Hannaby; Keith Chatterton;Geoffrey Ball; Graham Swinson; Graham Garner
Front row L-R (all sitting) Tony Chidlow; Peter Lovatt; Kenneth(?) Spruce; ? Ratcliffe

Tony Chidlow says
"I am pleased to be able to send you the class photo taken in the yard at Moorland Road, probably in 1954/55 by "Geog" Taylor, who seems to have been an unofficial photographer at the school judging by the number of mentions of him taking photos, on the website ! I say "probably" for the date because, having compared some of the faces with those on the whole School photo of 1955, many on the class photo appear older, and the hairstyles have progressed somewhat, making me wonder if the class photo was 1956 or even our final year 1957."

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