Drama Society - Smuggler's Cove 1960-1961

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Smuggler's Cove

Thanks to Cliff Bosson for this information.

Left to right:

  • Graham Hollins/Howe?(see Graham in 59 and 61 photo)
  • Tom Platt
  • John Tranter
  • M Jackson
  • Michael Harrison
  • Brian Billington
  • Cliff Bosson

    If you can clarify the names of the other actors please contact me.

    Dramatic Society notes from The 1961 School Magazine The Review

    Last year was the first in which the Society was able to enjoy the facilities of a stage, scenery and proper lighting. The transition proved a difficult one and a simple, one-act play was chosen for the year's production. This play "Smugglers' Cove" was finally performed in the Second Term, forming part of an evening's entertainment provided for parents and friends. The programme was completed with songs sung by Mr. Ballham and L. Hughes and some magic wrought by Mr. G. H. Taylor.

    The play concerned a visit by William Pitt (Jackson) and his Lord Chancellor, Thurlow, (M. Harrison) to a smugglers' inn in the West Country. Pitt's intention was to secure first-hand knowledge of the contraband "trade". He and his minister found themselves helping the smugglers to hide a cargo Of contraband goods and assisting them to outwit the authorities, by using Pitt's rank. The play finished with Pitt telling the chief smuggler (Tranter) of his intentions to reform the customs' laws, a fact which annoys the smuggler who objects to having his "living" thus removed.

    Jackson, Harrison and Tranter all performed excellently in the leading parts, Jackson showing great confidence and 'elan' in the role of the ebullient Prime Minister. Harrison, with a difficult character to portray, achieved his effects mainly by voice and gesture and he and Tranter were "acting all the time". Platt did well as the lugubrious landlord and minor parts were played well by Bosson (Preventive Officer) Billington (Lord Lieutenant and Howe (a smuggler).

    Behind the scenes, Williams, Harrop and their team did a good job. Thanks are due to the members of the Staff who performed all the technical jobs to do with lighting, scenery and make-up, stage direction and the thousand and one other tasks associated with a production.

    Cutting from the Sentinel

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