From the 1960 school magazine "The Review"

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Last year an organisation was set up to promote the drinking of tea during the dinner hour by members of the Lower VI. It was then known as the " Lower Sixth Tea Drinkers' Union."

At first the tea was prepared in the kitchen, but this proved inadequate and permission was obtained to use the Chem. Lab. Experiments were carried out to find the brand of tea which gave the best results at the least cost. A nonproprietary mixture obtained through special channels by one of our agents at a very low cost, was finally adopted. The resulting brew was widely acknowledged to be unsurpassed in quality. Efficiency in preparation gradually increased and the cost fell to an estimated 0-36 pence per cup. The cost to the subscribers was lowered still further by the occasional sale to fifth formers at a price of one penny per cup.

A major crisis was precipitated when the sinks of the Chemistry lab. became blocked and the blame was laid firmly on a few obstinate tea leaves. The Chemistry lab. was henceforth denied to us. A rebel group immediately began to brew in the nearby Physics lab. But happily, differences were settled and a speedy return to the Chemistry lab. was effected.

Later, two or three members began to brew coffee instead of tea, hence the organisation changed its name. The coffee drinkers paid a reduced subscription for the provision of hot water, milk and sugar and provided their own coffee.

When, however, operations were discontinued in the Summer term, they were never resumed. The organisation failed to adapt itself to the changed conditions in the new building and the noble arts of tea and coffee brewing seem to have been irretrievably lost in our Sixth form.


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