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1964 "Review": DRAMA SOCIETY - School Play Criticism

The Drama Society had a little more support this year than previously, and twice as many people volunteered for service when the play was announced. The title of our third full-length production was "Twelve Angry Men", written by Reginald Rose. Mr Fox had tried to put the piece on last year but there was such a delay in getting the acting rights across the Atlantic that the project had to be postponed.

The three-act production involved thirteen players; one guard and twelve jurymen. It set out the trial of a youth accused of murdering his father but told it in terms of jury-argument and jury-conversation removed from the courtroom.

In the first ballot all but one of the jury maintained that the youth was guilty of murder; the play shows how this odd juror, No. 2 refused to side with the majority for the sale of convenience and by his persistence allowed other facts to come to light. In the end he convinces his colleagues of a reasonable doubt and a final verdict of "Not Guilty" is recorded.

The players were Jury Foreman, M. Tweats, Juror No. 2, P. Green, No3. Roy Gregory. No 4. J. L. Micklewright, No. 5, J. Rowley, No. 6. J Smith, No. 7, M. Ainsworth, No. 8. P. Collis, No. 9, D. J. Waters,. No. 10, R. Willingham, No. 11, A. Deakin,, No. 12, M Siddeley. The small but important part of the guard was played by B. Mulliner. The thirteen players were able by their commendable movement on stage to make the single set a most powerful magnet to our attention. The assigned American accents never wavered for a second. The occasional visits to the drinking-water stand on the extreme right of the stage relieved our eyes fro a moment but did not reduce the tension one iota. We came out of the theatre hall aware that we had undergone a new and compelling experience.

The excellent set was designed and painted by Mr Light and some of his boys. The advertisements, done by the same team were of great distinction and value. Mr Ballham saw to the smooth running of the front of house arrangements. The finances and tickets were managed by Mr Thomas through whose help we had a complete sellout. Mr Allen, Mr George and Mr Taylor did work of infinite value behind the scenes in constructing and running the 'backstage set'. Our last and sincere thanks must be accorded to our producer Mr Fox for his endless faith and effort throughout the whole course of preparation and performance.

Let us hope that there will be many volunteers for the great production of 1965 "Chips with Everything" by Arnold Wesker.

David J. Walters.(Secretary).

Thanks to David Walters for the copy of the Review article and clippings from the Sentinel.

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