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    B U R S L E M

    21st July, 1964.

    Dear Parents,

    You will remember that at this time last year I wrote to you about standards of dress and conduct in the school. I am pleased to be able to tell you that there was an improvement in our standards and during the year the standards have been maintained.

    We have had a few cases of long hair, narrow trousers and cuban heels, but the vast majority of parents evidently agree with the school’s standards.

    I want to repeat my request for co-operation from all parents and to repeat my warning of last year that boys will not be allowed to adopt standards which are in bad taste and out of keeping with those ­of the school.

    Yours sincerely,     

    W. POTTS     




    1. Boys may enter school at 9,15 a.m. and 1.35 p.m. and proceed to form rooms. Registration takes place in form rooms at 9.25 a.m. and 1.45 p.m.

    2. In any change of rooms during the day, except at 11 a.m., boys must proceed directly from room to room. In fine weather there will be a break from 11.0 to 11.15 a.m. when all boys, except prefects, must go outside.

    3. Waste paper bins must be used for all debris and every endeavour must be made to keep all rooms and playgrounds neat and tidy.

    4. Overalls must be worn in workshops but not in any other part of the school nor when boys are proceeding to and from school.
    Shorts and appropriate gym shoes must be worn for P.E. Boys must wear the appropriate clothing for games and always have a  towel.

    5. Boys must wear the school uniform of black blazer with badge, dark trousers and a school tie. If a cap is worn, it must be a school cap.

    6. Every boy must have his name in his cap, overcoat, scarf and school bag.

    7. Whenever a boy is absent from school, on his return he must bring a note or a doctor’s certificate, explaining the absence. The note or certificate must be handed personally by the boy on his return to his Form Master. (If the absence is likely to be long, it saves much trouble if a note is sent to the school. )

    8. Boys at all times must use the Haywood Road entrance.

    9. Lunchtime arrangements

    In wet weather, boys may remain in the form room where they must settle down quietly. They must not loiter in the corridors or cloakrooms.
    Boys who bring their own lunches must eat them in the room provided. Boys are not allowed to leave the school grounds unless they are going home for lunch or have had permission from a member of the staff.

    10. Valuables must not be left in pockets or bags in the cloakrooms.
    The school accepts no responsibility for anything lost in the cloakrooms.

    11. Boys must use the school buses whenever this is possible. They must queue orderly for these buses in either the workshop corridor or the entrance hall and must not leave the building until told by the master in charge. Prefects must travel on the buses allotted to them and they are responsible for the behaviour on the buses. Boys misbehaving on buses will be punished.

    12. School uniform must be worn for all school functions.
    This includes all school visits and all school teams playing at home or away from home on all occasions.

    13. Parents and boys are reminded that every boy is under the jurisdiction of the school from the time he leaves home for school until he returns home.  Boys misbehaving on the way to and from school will be deemed to have broken the school rules and will be suitably punished. This includes smoking by any boys of any age on the way to and from school.

    14. ‘Detention’ will be held on Mondays from 4.5 p.m. to 5.0 p.m.


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