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"The Review" - October 1967

Under the chairmanship of Mr. Dibden, the Chief Education Officer for Stoke-on-Trent and before the assembled school, a series of presentations was made to Mr. Potts in July to mark his retirement as Headmaster.

   After Mr. Dibden took the chair, bouquets were presented to Mrs. Potts and Miss Potts by W. D. Stone and J. M. Davies. As these boys left the stage Mr. Dibden spoke briefly and forcefully about the contribution Mr. Potts had made in the field of education during his stewardship of Stanfield. This, he said, was a public acknowledgement of a job well done, a tribute to the single-mindedness of the architect of technical High-school education in the district, and an occasion for acclaiming a man who not only recognised opportunities when they approached but grasped them firmly at the right moment.

   The Senior Boy, David Lea, then presented Mr. Potts with a portable typewriter on behalf of the pupils of the school. After a round of applause Mr. F. T. Pointon, Chairman of the Engineering Employers' Federation, announced the gift of a greenhouse to Mr. Potts. He spoke of the good discipline, strong leadership and admirable staff-pupil relationship in the old Junior Technical School at Moorland Road where he had been a pupil and wished his old headmaster a long and busy retirement.

   The Deputy Head of Stanfield, Mr. C. B. Howell, then stood and, after thanking Mr. Potts for his personal friendship, advice and encouragement, during their many years of service together, presented him with a silver coffee set and salver on behalf of the Staff of the school and other colleagues.

   Mr. Potts stood to a tumult of applause. He recalled life as it had been when Mr. Pointon was a pupil, considered the role of the technically trained in modem life, acknowledged the help and assistance he had received from colleagues in school and in the administration and thanked everyone for their kindness.    The school hymn was sung and the ceremony was at an end.

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