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"The Review" - October 1965

   We were all sorry when Mr. Simnett first became ill and even more sorry when he decided to retire last May. He joined the staff in September, 1947, so he was one of the longest serving members of the present staff.

   As the school grew so did his influence in the school. He was always concerned about standards of scholarship and he had little patience with those who did not wish to learn. But it was not only learning that he was concerned about and it might be of interest to those who did not know him in those early days that he organised our first school excursions. He took a party of boys mountain walking in North Wales as long ago as 1951 and the following year to his own beloved Lake District. One out of doors activity which he would have liked to introduce to the senior boys was his second love, golf, a game in which he excelled.

   Mr. Simnett formed our first library in the small room on the front corridor at Moorland Road, and he made our first contacts with Keele University, taking parties to the Keele plays, debates and film shows. He organised many theatre parties, to Birmingham, Manchester, Stratford-onAvon and even to the Old Vic in London. He lamented that our Sixth formers were deprived of Oxbridge entrance because we took only one language. Before he retired he must have felt very proud and very satisfied that his introduction of Latin had produced our first Oxford entry.

   We thank you, Mr. Simnett for the service you gave to us and we hope that your health will improve and that you will have a long and enjoyable retirement.

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