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  • 2002 Reunion Comments

    About 150 people attended the 2002 reunion at the High Lane School including a number of current and former teachers. Thanks to Ray Reynolds and David Moore for the organisation of the event and the management of the ticket sales and distribution.

    The pictures were taken by Howard Cope, Jim Hancock, Chris Horrobin, Ray Reynolds and John Slater.

    Derek Johnson

    Picture 1. A few memories from Ray Reynolds, with David Moore to the left.

    Picture 2. The multitudes in the School Hall.

    Picture 4. Frank Salt looking extremely well.

    Picture 5: From Left: Derek Johnson,David Brassington, Don Henshall

    Picture 6


    Picture 7 Chris Horrobin in the gear.

    Picture 8 Mr Hammersley (right)

    Picture 9 Left: Gary Cooper Right: David Moore

    Picture 10 (Class of January 1949) From Left: Alan Corbishley (now living in Ottawa), Brian Hilditch (well known as a soloist in North Staffs Amateur Operatic Society)

    Picture 11 Foreground: Peter Rowley(L) and Robert Lycett(R)
    ".......extreme back against wall, Ray Bagnall talking with John Robert Neal

    Picture 12

    Picture 13 (Class of January 1949) From Left: Keith Faulkner, Brian Bevan, Brian Hilditch

    Picture 14 From Left: Steve Machin, John Humphries
    Background: John Robert Neal, Ray Bagnall

    Picture 15 Left: Richard Whitmore talking to brother Alan on the right.

    Picture 16 Left: Mr George, Right Martin Siddeley

    Picture 17 Right: Peter Adams

    Picture 18 From Left: David Sandall, David Ecclestone, Graham Salt

    Picture 19 From Left: Neil Dawson (ex 5/4 1965/6), ?, Ken Peake (ex 5/1 1965/6)

    Picture 20 From Left: Derek Johnson, Mark Pownall, Jon Holton
    Picture 21 From Left: Mike Bayley, Right: Reggie Edwards
    Picture 22 Middle: Alan Clarkson left: his wife (1959-1966 contemporary from Brownhills)
    Picture 23 Left: John Slater and Richard Gadd
    Picture 24 Mr Arrowsmith (centre), Joe Lowe (right)
    Picture 25 Tony Boulton, Frank Salt, Pete Conway (famous person's Dad)
    Picture 26 Right: Steve Blakemore
    Picture 27 Left: "Pancho" Briggs, Right: C. Wilkinson
    Picture 28 (left to right) Phil Thompson, Jim Hancock, Wilf Deakin, Bob Brown, Rex Leverett (1962 UVI)
    Picture 29 Left: Chris Horrobin, Right: Trevor Billingham
    Picture 30 Howard Lakin (second from left), ??? Ford (third from left), Right: David Moore

    Picture 31 Phil Fone, Dave Carter
    Picture 32 Left: David Green, Right: Don Henshall
    Picture 33: Steve Blakemore, Mr Yelland
    Picture 34 Right: Gary Cooper

    Picture 35 From Left: ?, Paul Breeze, Vian Higgins
    Picture 36 Centre Left: B. H. Billington
    Picture 37 Left: Neil Hammond, D Clark
    Picture 37 Clive Hollinshead
    Picture 38 Foreground: David Light
    Background: Mr Hammersley, Mr Myatt & Mr Briggs
    Picture 39 From Left: Paul Jenkins, Neil Hammond, Steven Clarke, Frank Price, Gary Cooper, E Vernon, Phil Burton, Andy Roden
    Picture 40 Centre Left: Mr George, Centre Right: Mr Lowe
    Picture 41 From left: Rex Leverett, Bob Brown, Wilf Deakin, Jim Hancock, Pete Williams, Phil Thompson
    Picture 42 From left: Wilf Deakin, Bob Brown, Rex Leverett, Phil Thompson
    Picture 43 From left: Jim Hancock, Phil Thompson, Wilf Deakin, Mr George, Bob Brown, Rex Leverett
    Picture 44 Back row: Wilf Deakin, Phil Thompson
    Front row: Bob Brown, Jim Hancock, Rex Leverett
    (An attempt to recreate the 1962 UVI photo with a smaller cast).
    Picture 45 From left: Jim Hancock, Phil Thompson, Dave Baggaley, Rex Leverett
    Picture 46 From left: ?, Paul Burgess, ?, ?, Dave Baggaley

    Corridor leading toward the library. Virtually unchanged since 1964.

    Corridor junction in the middle of the school.

    The school gym, also very little changed from the 1960s.

    By the exercise bars in the school gym.

    Beams in the gym. Remember these?.

    Showers in the gym.

    View of the playing fields from the school.

    CDT Classroom (possibly with original woodwork benches)

    Chem lab - benches have been turned round. No fume chambers any more!

    Physics lab - still has the old power supply!

    Physics lab - old power supply!

    A new computer suite, believed to be formerly a changing room between the upper corridor and the lower science block.

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