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The close harmony treble sound of the Libera choir's massed boy voices is like a Stanfield Prize Day choir rather than a church choir.


Art teacher David Light died quietly on 15th June 2019 aged 86 after a short illness.
In accordance with his wishes there will be no funeral service. A memorial celebration of his life and exhibition of his art is planned for August.
See the official announcement.
In addition to the after-school art and sculpture club he organised the lighting and sound for the drama productions. He was also the mainstay of the school choir's training in the 1950/60s - for which he did not always get the public recognition he deserved.
At the end of each phase of his life and career he created a new section of his memoir. It is hoped that one day it may be published on the web.

8th July 2021 Moorland Road building costs Alan J Jones
4th April 2021 Class picture 1946 from Malcolm Leese
21st May 2020 Tribute to Neville Hall Jones 1937-2000 by Alan J Jones
19th August 2019 "1940s JTS Metalwork picture" is now 1954 SCTS - names needed from David Jones
4th June 2019 Possible High Lane Metal Workshop? from STHS Facebook anonymous
4th May 2019 1946-48 Cricket Teams from Alan Carter
17th June 2018 School reports for JTS to SCTS transition 1951-54 from Raymond Dean
12th June 2018 Woodwork class projects from Raymond Dean
10th June 2018 New page on Metalwork workshops with class projects from Raymond Dean
9th May 2018 Class picture 4S 1953 from Raymond Dean
9th May 2018 Class picture Lower 5th 1954 from Raymond Dean

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People and activities

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If you were a pupil or a teacher at Stanfield Technical High School, Stanfield County Technical School or the Junior Technical School in Burslem you will find lots of memorabilia here to interest you. Whether you are interested in the school history or wondering what the school looks like now you should be able to find a few things to remember. We have all the known panoramic school photos, from 1955 to 1970 on this site.
N.B. Please be patient while these photos download; it may take 2-3 minutes to download the whole photo on slow connections.

There was a 70th Anniversary Reunion at the High Lane School on 20th September 2002, and the pictures are here. Thanks to Ray Reynolds, David Moore and the staff and pupils of Haywood High school for making the event a success.


Click for more pictures and info on Moorland Rd School
There are some recent pictures of the school and we have a substantial amount of information on the old school buildings in Moorland Road. If you want to remember the local geography there is a 1960's Map of Stanfield School area.


Stanfield Technical High became Stanfield High School mixed Comprehensive in 1971 and later became Haywood High School (circa 1985). There is a Facebook page for the Stanfield High School comprehensive. See also the School History for the details.

I'd like to thank the many helpers who have already contributed information to this site. This is the site history so far. Keep it coming! The Contents Page lists a whole host of photographs and items that have been submittted by the numerous contributors to this site. If you have anything of interest over the period 1932-1972 to contribute to this site please let me know.

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